My position at ECC is a part time position, and while I (very briefly) considered piecing that together with a part time parish position, I then decided it would be better to focus solely on camp and then spend my Sundays supplying all over the diocese.  I figured it would be a great opportunity to network and get the word out about ECC, and it certainly has been. But it’s also really interesting to just get a sense of what’s happening in the churches all around RI.  I have so enjoyed getting to know different congregations, hearing about their programs and passions, and discovering that across the board people feel strongly about being  a part of their church community.  It’s hopeful, and I find myself increasingly excited for the diocese in this time of transition.

On a practical level, being supply means that keeping track of my sermons is up to me because for some reason I don’t have a personal AV assistant following me from place to place and ensuring that quality videos make it onto some website!  (I’m sure said assistant will materialize any day now.)  So it’s a little different every time.  When the church I’m visiting on a Sunday doesn’t have a method for recording sermons, I try to very subtly record it myself on my iphone.  Those audio recordings get turned into youtube videos because I’m too cheap to pay for podcasts on this blog (can you blame me? I have a part-time job!)  When churches do record I let them do the heavy lifting and just rely on their websites.

So the following are a variety of sermons at a variety of churches on a variety of websites.  If you are interested in ECC, I would suggest listening to the one from March 25th at Emmanuel Church.  If you’re wanting to revisit Holy Week, visit St. Peter’s by the Sea.  And for generic Sunday sermons (hmm… generic? I’d like to think they’re a little better than that…;) check out the St. Mark’s youtube video and Church of the Epiphany in Rumford.

Of course, you might not be interested in my sermons at all, and I certainly understand that too!

If you listen, I hope you hear something that resonates with you!

St. Mark’s, Warwick:

Emmanuel Church, Newport:

Holy Week at St. Peter’s by the Sea: (I suggest listening to some of Casey’s sermons while you’re there!)

Church of the Epiphany, Rumford: (if you are trying this link Sunday 4/22 or Monday 4/23, my sermon may not yet be up.  Be patient, and listen to Jennifer and Edmund preach in the meantime!)

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  1. Listening to you speak about your first years at ECC was moving and inspiring. Thank you.

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