Best. Anniversary. Ever. (oh, and an Open House!)

Yup, that’s exactly what you think it is: me in my wrinkled, now-too-small wedding dress, Jonathan in a suit, and some of our fabulous ECC counselors dressed in plastic table cloths.

You see a couple of exciting things happened last Saturday (May 19th).  The first exciting thing is that most of our counselors for this summer arrived at camp at 9am that morning to take part in our adapted April work weekend (adapted because, as you may have noticed, it’s May) and I was able to meet many of them for the first time.  The second exciting thing is that Jonathan and I celebrated five years of marriage.

I admit that I was pretty excited when I discovered that our anniversary was going to fall on a Saturday and on a camp weekend.  After all, we had our wedding reception at camp.  And if you had told me on my wedding day that a mere five years later we’d be back at camp, only this time I’d be the director I pretty much wouldn’t have believed you at all.  But life is full of surprises – and here we are.

So of course I was going to force the counselors into an evening of wedding-themed fun.  They worked all day long making the property beautiful for our Open House the following day (more to come on that a little later), and while they were hard at work I spent time preparing a scavenger hunt that will go down in history, not because of it’s astounding creativity (though it did include limericks) but because some of my misguided clues and one inconveniently placed poem leftover from summer that looked like a clue left two of our groups wandering the property in the dark long after the hunt was meant to have wrapped up.  They were sent out to look for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  It sort of worked.  Though the group that was supposed to find this clue:

(that would be the outer area girls bathroom) ended up having to skip right to something blue (a copy of our wedding invitation) because of an issue with their being TWO monster trucks near tents on the property (who knew??).  At any rate, they all survived, and returned to the barn in remarkably good spirits given the amount of time they had spent roaming the property.

When they got back we watched one of my favorite you tube videos,, the JK Wedding Entrance Dance.  This video came out a couple of years after we were married and several of our friends sent it to us and said “this should have been you guys” and they were SO right.  But we just couldn’t get to the choreographed dance part of wedding planning in the 2 1/2 months we were engaged while Jonathan was living in NY and I was living in VA and we were getting married in RI.  We’re just not that talented.

But here’s to second chances and willing counselors!  I sent them off with their plastic table cloths for dress and tuxedo creation and set them to work choreographing a wedding entrance.  Then Jonathan and I went and changed into our attire and we all met back in the barn for the performances – which were amazing!!  These counselors can really dance!  Better yet, they absolutely know how to have a good time.  We laughed and danced and laughed some more, and I came away from the evening SO excited about what a fabulous summer we are going to have up at ECC.

Just when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better the Open House happened.  We had an incredible turn out, with lots of new folks and many returning friends and alumni.  We also had what might have been the best weather of this entire year, which definitely helped.  Our Eucharist started at 5pm and we had over 120 people filling the barn for a joyful church service, which was followed by a great cookout in the Pavilion.  It’s hard to explain how exciting it was to look out over our property and see it littered with people – adults sitting on picnic tables talking and laughing, children and counselors playing at the volleyball court and basketball court, and groups of friends standing around the baseball diamond while their little ones ran around the bases.  It was pure joy, and it left me incredibly hopeful for not only the summer but the future of ECC, of our diocese, of our church.  We’re so blessed!

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