Help, Thanks, Wow



Help. Thanks. Wow. Writer Anne Lamott wrote one of her books on what she calls her three essential prayers. These are the words that came to my mind when I sat down to write you this final report about what turned into a truly inspirational Teen Camp.

Help.  This was my first plea to you all, and certainly a form of prayer as is any request I make of the ECC community.

Thanks.  This was my second blog, after we were totally overwhelmed by your generosity and response to my initial plea.

And today, WOW. 

When this program took off earlier in the week and it became clear that we would be able to make significant donations to the three organizations our campers and counselors had decided to support I reached out to the three agencies to see if someone might be able to come and talk about what they do. All three sent a representative, who gave moving testimony about the incredible work they are doing.  After we heard them speak we presented them with their checks.

$2300 to Loaves & Fishes RI.

$2300 to the Interfaith Counseling Center.

And, as promised, a little extra to the agency supported by the winning team from our Game Shows throughout the week. $2500 to Adoption RI.

Math has never been my strong suit, but that’s $7100 total.


It was so, so special for the Teen Camp staff and campers to be part of this week, and this morning was magical.  We took pictures of each group and their representative:

IMG_2647The Food Truckers Team with Dennis Lafreniere of Loaves & Fishes RI.

IMG_2649The Incredibly Cool Crowd with Christine King of the Interfaith Counseling Center.

IMG_2645The Storks with Donna Silvia from Adoption RI.

The picture at the top of this post is all our groups and agency representatives together, with our Thank You sign. We can’t possibly reflect our level of gratitude in a picture or a sign – but we tried.

Thank you for following and being a part of this amazing week.



Whose Dime Is It Anyway?

IMG_3440.JPGThis is us in the office today.

Yesterday morning at 11am I posted this blog post, and asked you to help us get our Teen Camp program off the ground. Our campers had split into teams to compete in campy TV Game Shows for the week, and we had them name their teams after a non-profit of their choosing. I told the campers that we would make a donation to the non-profit represented by the winning team at the end of the week.

I was hoping to find someone willing to throw us $100 so that we could make said donation.

But when the camper and counselor teams told us about the agencies they wanted to compete for I was pretty inspired. I wanted to include you all in the process. So that’s when I asked you for help.

And did you help us?  Survey says….. hell yeah you did!

I’m writing this post a mere 27 hours after we posted asking for help, and we have raised over $4000 to go towards these three non-profits.


People, this is ridiculous. Ridiculously good. Amazing, even.

I was going to wait until the end of the week to tell the kids about the money, but then when it was over $2500 this morning I had to tell them. I’m no good at keeping secrets anyway. Then I let them break the camp rule and go get their cell phones (gasp! I know. But I had to let them phone a friend.) They were allowed to turn them on for five whole minutes to text their friends and family and share the blog on their social media accounts. I wanted them to be part of the fun, and feel some ownership over the experience of raising funds for these non-profits.  We brought in an additional $1000 in the hours after they had a chance to spread the word. (We’ll take generous friends and family for a thousand, Alex)

So we’re going to keep this going, because y’all – THIS IS SO FUN. We love how generous and supportive and loving you are to this community and to our campers and to the non-profits doing such good work in Rhode Island. We are overwhelmed at how quickly you would respond to a call to help. We are so, so thrilled that what started as a fun idea to help make this week more meaningful has instantly turned into one of our favorite stories ever.

We’ll keep our donation link live until Friday when we’ll total up our teams points and allocate your generous funds to help Adoption RI, the Interfaith Counseling Center, and Loaves & Fishes Rhode Island.  Stay tuned.

Thanks a million!



Help us help others!

We need your help!

It’s Teen Camp Week at ECC! This year we’re running a TV Game Show week, and every activity we participate in is a game show. At this very moment we’re doing Hollywood Squares with the Visiting Staff. It looks like this:

IMG_2439Cute, right?

We didn’t want to just play game shows though. We wanted to incorporate our theme for the summer – about having a tender heart and a humble mind. So in order to make our friendly game-show competition more exciting and meaningful for everyone, we asked our three teams to get together this morning and think of a non-profit in Rhode Island who had a mission they felt strongly about. The idea is that each will compete for their non-profit. Each team is named with their non-profit in mind.

In an attempt to make this project better still, we wanted to be able to make a donation to these non-profits at the end of the week – á la Celebrity Jeopardy. Whichever team wins the most fake competition money during the week will have the largest donation made to their non-profit of choice. We’ll make a donation to each of the three non-profits, but obviously we aren’t telling the kids that. We want to them to put in their all towards winning while we are here together!

There’s only one small issue in this master plan we have: our Teen Campers and staff aren’t celebrities, nor to they have celebrity incomes. So the only part we’re missing is the actual money that we could donate.

So that’s where we need your help! We’d love for you to make a small (or large) donation towards our Teen Camp program this week. We’ll then take that money at the end of the week and distribute it to the three non-profits being supported by our teams. The donations will slightly vary depending on which team “wins” but only minimally.

Will you help? We’d love to be able to tell the Teen Campers that while they have been here having fun all week and participating in our program, that our wider community has contributed to make this a more meaningful experience for everyone.

Your help would mean the world to us. Thanks in advance!

Here are our teams, and the non-profits they are supporting:

The Storks

The Storks

The Storks are competing this week in honor of Adoption RI, who helps provide foster and permanent homes for children in DCYF care in Rhode Island. They chose “The Storks” as their team name because of the story we use in our culture around storks delivering babies. They want to help deliver children to families.


The Incredibly Cool Crowd


This group felt strongly about suicide prevention, and getting help to people who feel that their lives are not worth living. They are competing in honor of the Interfaith Counseling Center, a non-profit devoted to making mental health counseling available to anyone, whether or not they can afford it or have insurance. They chose “The Incredibly Cool Crowd” as their name to share the acronym ICC with their non-profit!


Food Truckers

The Food Truckers

This group chose Loaves and Fishes RI as their non-profit, which is an interfaith organization that brings trucks full of toiletries, clothing, and food to homeless people and people in poverty all over Rhode Island. People in need find essentials through this ministry, and friendship with the volunteers. They chose “Food Truckers” as their name for obvious reasons!


Aren’t these kids the best? Help them have an extra special week at camp and give here!




Well, the Bridge Camp Talent Show was enough to pull me from my blogging slumber.

This talent show tends to be the one you truly don’t want to miss in a summer at ECC.  There’s something about watching our campers with special needs positively shine on stage with dance routines, singing, ball spinning, drumming and more. In many acts their helper campers are by their sides, singing and waving and holding lyrics so they don’t miss a moment. It’s always so, so good. But tonight was particularly magical.

It would be hard to pick just one moment that made it so very special.  It might have been the one camper who played corn hole as his talent. It took 6 throws for him to land the bean bag in the hole, and each time the crowd got more and more excited, cheering him on. With his last toss he landed it, and the other campers and counseling staff went crazy.

It might have been when a camper who has joined us for years –  but has never even come close to the Little Theater for a talent show – jumped up on stage to listen to the sweet sound of her helper campers and counselors singing Amazing Grace. She swayed back in forth with a radiant smile on her face, and we stared in wonder that her friends had discovered that their singing brings her so much joy.

It might have been when everyone jumped up to create an aisle on either side of one camper who walked up and down the aisle while everyone danced and cheered as she sang her song.

There was no shortage of magic.

But what sealed the deal for me was the very last number of the Talent Show. As is often the case, the helper campers moved up to the stage to sing a song for their Bridge Campers.  When the music started I heard the opening notes of the song “Home” by Phillip Phillips.

Solid choice.

Here they are singing part of the song:

I admit to getting a little emotional.

I was sitting next to one of our Bridge Campers, and I noticed her getting a little emotional as well. She had been homesick here and there throughout camp, so I worried that maybe this particular song was making her revisit those feelings. I leaned over and asked, “Are you okay?”

“Sort of,” she answered.


And then she continued:

“I’ve just never had real friends like this before.”


I had to turn my head away from her for a moment to collect myself, and after taking a breath I turned back to tell her that I was glad she came to camp. I jumped up from the blanket so that when her helper camper returned they could embrace, and I moved away so that I could weep.

Lord this world we live in can be so very hard.

But this camp? It is so, so good.


Finally, all of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind – 1 Peter 3:8

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