Help us help others!

We need your help!

It’s Teen Camp Week at ECC! This year we’re running a TV Game Show week, and every activity we participate in is a game show. At this very moment we’re doing Hollywood Squares with the Visiting Staff. It looks like this:

IMG_2439Cute, right?

We didn’t want to just play game shows though. We wanted to incorporate our theme for the summer – about having a tender heart and a humble mind. So in order to make our friendly game-show competition more exciting and meaningful for everyone, we asked our three teams to get together this morning and think of a non-profit in Rhode Island who had a mission they felt strongly about. The idea is that each will compete for their non-profit. Each team is named with their non-profit in mind.

In an attempt to make this project better still, we wanted to be able to make a donation to these non-profits at the end of the week – á la Celebrity Jeopardy. Whichever team wins the most fake competition money during the week will have the largest donation made to their non-profit of choice. We’ll make a donation to each of the three non-profits, but obviously we aren’t telling the kids that. We want to them to put in their all towards winning while we are here together!

There’s only one small issue in this master plan we have: our Teen Campers and staff aren’t celebrities, nor to they have celebrity incomes. So the only part we’re missing is the actual money that we could donate.

So that’s where we need your help! We’d love for you to make a small (or large) donation towards our Teen Camp program this week. We’ll then take that money at the end of the week and distribute it to the three non-profits being supported by our teams. The donations will slightly vary depending on which team “wins” but only minimally.

Will you help? We’d love to be able to tell the Teen Campers that while they have been here having fun all week and participating in our program, that our wider community has contributed to make this a more meaningful experience for everyone.

Your help would mean the world to us. Thanks in advance!

Here are our teams, and the non-profits they are supporting:

The Storks

The Storks

The Storks are competing this week in honor of Adoption RI, who helps provide foster and permanent homes for children in DCYF care in Rhode Island. They chose “The Storks” as their team name because of the story we use in our culture around storks delivering babies. They want to help deliver children to families.


The Incredibly Cool Crowd


This group felt strongly about suicide prevention, and getting help to people who feel that their lives are not worth living. They are competing in honor of the Interfaith Counseling Center, a non-profit devoted to making mental health counseling available to anyone, whether or not they can afford it or have insurance. They chose “The Incredibly Cool Crowd” as their name to share the acronym ICC with their non-profit!


Food Truckers

The Food Truckers

This group chose Loaves and Fishes RI as their non-profit, which is an interfaith organization that brings trucks full of toiletries, clothing, and food to homeless people and people in poverty all over Rhode Island. People in need find essentials through this ministry, and friendship with the volunteers. They chose “Food Truckers” as their name for obvious reasons!


Aren’t these kids the best? Help them have an extra special week at camp and give here!



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