Whose Dime Is It Anyway?

IMG_3440.JPGThis is us in the office today.

Yesterday morning at 11am I posted this blog post, and asked you to help us get our Teen Camp program off the ground. Our campers had split into teams to compete in campy TV Game Shows for the week, and we had them name their teams after a non-profit of their choosing. I told the campers that we would make a donation to the non-profit represented by the winning team at the end of the week.

I was hoping to find someone willing to throw us $100 so that we could make said donation.

But when the camper and counselor teams told us about the agencies they wanted to compete for I was pretty inspired. I wanted to include you all in the process. So that’s when I asked you for help.

And did you help us?  Survey says….. hell yeah you did!

I’m writing this post a mere 27 hours after we posted asking for help, and we have raised over $4000 to go towards these three non-profits.


People, this is ridiculous. Ridiculously good. Amazing, even.

I was going to wait until the end of the week to tell the kids about the money, but then when it was over $2500 this morning I had to tell them. I’m no good at keeping secrets anyway. Then I let them break the camp rule and go get their cell phones (gasp! I know. But I had to let them phone a friend.) They were allowed to turn them on for five whole minutes to text their friends and family and share the blog on their social media accounts. I wanted them to be part of the fun, and feel some ownership over the experience of raising funds for these non-profits.  We brought in an additional $1000 in the hours after they had a chance to spread the word. (We’ll take generous friends and family for a thousand, Alex)

So we’re going to keep this going, because y’all – THIS IS SO FUN. We love how generous and supportive and loving you are to this community and to our campers and to the non-profits doing such good work in Rhode Island. We are overwhelmed at how quickly you would respond to a call to help. We are so, so thrilled that what started as a fun idea to help make this week more meaningful has instantly turned into one of our favorite stories ever.

We’ll keep our donation link live until Friday when we’ll total up our teams points and allocate your generous funds to help Adoption RI, the Interfaith Counseling Center, and Loaves & Fishes Rhode Island.  Stay tuned.

Thanks a million!



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