Help, Thanks, Wow



Help. Thanks. Wow. Writer Anne Lamott wrote one of her books on what she calls her three essential prayers. These are the words that came to my mind when I sat down to write you this final report about what turned into a truly inspirational Teen Camp.

Help.  This was my first plea to you all, and certainly a form of prayer as is any request I make of the ECC community.

Thanks.  This was my second blog, after we were totally overwhelmed by your generosity and response to my initial plea.

And today, WOW. 

When this program took off earlier in the week and it became clear that we would be able to make significant donations to the three organizations our campers and counselors had decided to support I reached out to the three agencies to see if someone might be able to come and talk about what they do. All three sent a representative, who gave moving testimony about the incredible work they are doing.  After we heard them speak we presented them with their checks.

$2300 to Loaves & Fishes RI.

$2300 to the Interfaith Counseling Center.

And, as promised, a little extra to the agency supported by the winning team from our Game Shows throughout the week. $2500 to Adoption RI.

Math has never been my strong suit, but that’s $7100 total.


It was so, so special for the Teen Camp staff and campers to be part of this week, and this morning was magical.  We took pictures of each group and their representative:

IMG_2647The Food Truckers Team with Dennis Lafreniere of Loaves & Fishes RI.

IMG_2649The Incredibly Cool Crowd with Christine King of the Interfaith Counseling Center.

IMG_2645The Storks with Donna Silvia from Adoption RI.

The picture at the top of this post is all our groups and agency representatives together, with our Thank You sign. We can’t possibly reflect our level of gratitude in a picture or a sign – but we tried.

Thank you for following and being a part of this amazing week.



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