The more things change…

This is a guest post by Becky Clarke – lovingly known to the ECC community as the Beckster!


The more things change…the more they stay the same

It’s been 20 years since I have participated in summer camp at ECC. I’ve gone back for reunions, softball games, open houses, and my sister’s wedding. But never the summer program. I didn’t have a great end to my last summer at camp (1998). We won’t get into specifics but it was a tough summer.

Some of my closest friends now are the friends I made at camp. I can’t imagine my life without some of these people. And if it wasn’t for ECC I wouldn’t have them. But it still wasn’t enough to bring me back.

Meaghan has been asking me for 7 years to come back for visiting staff. And each year I said no…until this year. Something was pulling me back to that place I had so many memories.

As we all know, Life can be complicated. I needed to recharge my battery and get back to basics…and what better place to do that than camp.

I was visiting staff for summers end. I was very nervous and not my usual outgoing self for the first couple days. I felt like a bit of an outsider. But then it was time for the Rockin round robin campfire on Tuesday night. Meaghan needed some assistance at her station…singing songs from the song book that we haven’t sung in a while. And everything started feeling like camp again…we sang Precious Friend, The cat came back…and the song of the week: The Papaya song. No one really knew how the tune went, but we figured it out and Meaghan lead us through it like Carol used to do back in the day. We were laughing, yelling, dancing. Just like we used to do.

We did compline at the frog pond. I’ve always found compline very comforting…and having the whole camp surrounding the frog pond with candles is an amazing sight. Just like it used to be.

I had a disco ball in my cabin back in 1996…Dorm 1. Meaghan was in Dorm 2 that summer and our theme song was copa cabana by Barry Manilow. Every time the light shined on that disco ball, you could hear Copa Cabana echoing through the Dorm.

The disco ball ended up following me for my head counselor summers after that. But it hasn’t seen much action since then. Until the summers end dance 2018. It added just enough to the dance and it brought back so many memories! I couldn’t stop staring at it. And we of course played Copa Cabana! Just like we used to do.

The dance took place in the pavilion…..a place that didn’t exsist in 1996. There are a good number of structures at camp that weren’t around 20 years ago. I don’t like change…and I remember being sad when I heard about all the changes at camp. But here’s the thing…the meaning of camp hasn’t changed. Just because they eat dinner differently, or have dances in a different place doesn’t mean it’s a bad change.

You can sit in the green chairs and hear all the sounds you heard all those years ago. The crunching of the rocks, the sound of guitars, the voices of the campers singing…the sound of the bell…it’s all still there. It just looks different on the outside…but the inside is the same. This is still a place where people can go and be themselves…have a safe place.
The counselors are still larger than life…and there is still that person you always look forward to seeing each day.

Yes things have changed…but it’s still the same. And if I can go back after 20 years…then YOU can go back to camp. I highly recommend getting involved…whether it’s a softball game, music camp madness or visiting staff. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries and get back to basics…and I can’t think of a better place to do that than 872 reservoir rd. I was told I looked refreshed after I got back. And I couldn’t stop talking about my week at camp…just like I used to do.

Come back! Get involved…go to a fundraiser…visit the open house in the spring…come play softball (the alumni needs some assistance!) Camp has changed on the outside…but when you take a step in you will realize it’s the place you loved…just like you used to.

Oh! And not having AC…it’s totally manageable. Seriously…if I can do it, anyone can.

hug eachother

It’s Older Children’s Camp, and we are tired.

My staff has been here for six weeks, and we’ve been working hard. It has been a terrific summer, and everyone has brought their best game… but we’re feeling it. The long, hot days are catching up. Our clothes have that dank, musty smell and feel from living at camp all summer – and so do we.  We’re starting to feel the yearly crunch of longing for home and free time while also mourning that we only have 2 and a half weeks of camp left. It’s all the feels. And evidently Mercury is in retrograde, so there’s that.

We have 80 campers here this week, including over 20 campers that we have absorbed from another camp that suspended enrollment for a summer. They still wanted their campers to have the camp experience, so they sent them to us. The start of the week was a little rocky as we adjusted to having them and they adjusted to a completely new camp environment but as is so often the case here, after the first 24 hours we were more focused on the friendships we were forming than the differences,. We have LOVED having them here.

One of these campers in particular is a snuggle bug. He gives hugs freely and without reservation to whomever he approaches. As the director I find this particularly refreshing – I’m not often on campers’ radars except for when I make announcements and lead church. But I’ve gotten lots of hugs this week, and it’s pretty great.

This morning my head counselor and I were standing together waiting for everyone to arrive at church when this boy came up to us. Looping one arm around me and the other around her he pulled us together announcing, “group hug!” Kaitlyn and I obliged and squeezed his shoulders affectionately.  While we were hugging him he looked up and noticed that while we were both hugging him, she and I had not closed the loop to hug each other. He swung his eyes up to us and simply said,

“Can you guys hug each other?”

We laughed, and shook our heads, and pulled in for a proper group hug per his instruction.

But oh man. He got me.

I work with my head counselor all day every day, and I adore her. We talk and we laugh and we problem solve and we brainstorm. We do all kinds of things together – but we do not spontaneously hug.  And it’s not because I’m not happy to hug her – of course I am! It’s just that we are so busy doing other things that it doesn’t even occur to us.  If I’m being honest I’m pretty bad about remembering to hug in general. I get so caught up in my to-do list that there’s no time for hugging.

But that group hug was gold for me today. It gave me a moment to connect with one of our campers, but also to connect with one of my staff in a way that was different from all of the other connections we have all day.

So I’m sharing this story with you, just in case you’re too busy today and you forget to connect. Since you might not have a sweet-faced camper to tell you what to do, I figured I could share his instruction:

“Can you guys hug each other?”