The following is an appeal letter that went out to our ECC mailing list this month. Please enjoy the story. We are grateful for all you do for ECC!

Towards the end of last summer we were sitting at dinner one night when there was some kind of disturbance outside where the campers were sitting. I heard lots of people jumping from their seats and yelling. Some of my older staff, seated inside, also jumped up to move to the windows to see what was happening.

My heart skipped a beat, because the commotion immediately indicated to me that perhaps there was a fight breaking out. The movement of people to see what was happening and quick response triggered my response before I could stop it.  It only took a second for my brain to catch up and remind me that I was at camp. In the totally unlikely event that a fight had broken out, one of my staff would have yelled for me immediately. I took a breath, and decided it was probably some other teenage silliness. I decided not to feed into it by getting up to look, and let it play out.

Seconds later, one of my program staff turned from the window where she had moved to see, and looked across the room to me. A smile beaming from ear to ear she called out:

“There’s a rainbow!”

As fast as my heart had panicked moments before, it melted to mush.

These kids, man. In a world where their peers leap from their seats to watch or video tape a fight breaking out in high school, they caused equal a commotion to see a rainbow. I moved outside to see myself, and noticed that most people had abandoned their trays and tables to look up to the sky in wonder.

It was the magic of camp in one fleeting, beautiful moment.

In Genesis, God points to a bow in the sky while making a promise to Noah, saying “this is a sign of my covenant I make with you.” He is promising to protect and are for Noah and all things now living.

In June at our 70th Anniversary Gala, many of you made a promise to ECC to make a sustaining monthly donation to our ministry here. We were overwhelmed by your generosity, and we are now heading into 2020 with the promise of funding that you have made. It will help us budget and plan with more ease, and those gifts will ensure that campers can come to a camp where the cool kids jump up and start yelling like fools when a rainbow floods the sky.

What we learned at the Gala is something we have known at ECC for years – many hands make light work. So many of you committed to a small amount of money every month, but together those commitments change the financial landscape for ECC, and help us enter a new phase of our lives and ministry.

If you are not already making a monthly pledge and would consider making one, we would welcome your participation in our sustaining donor program.

If you already make a monthly donation and would like to increase it, we would be most grateful.

If a one-time annual gift is a better fit for you, we get that, and we are so humbled that you would consider ECC as a recipient of your generosity.  

If you aren’t in a position to give or to give more, I hope you’ll find joy in a good story about a rainbow.

The ECC community never ceases to astound me. Your love and commitment to this ministry keeps us going, practically and spiritually as move through our program year. Your promise to support and uphold ECC helps us to realize God’s dreams for this place, and together you bring bright bows of color to our common life.

Thank you for all you do for ECC!

Love is the energy,

Meaghan Brower

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